US 7 / 4.5 mm DPN

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Double Pointed Needles, or DPNs, are used for knitting in the round, when working a small number of stitches, or as short single pointed needles. As the name implies, they are pointed on both ends, allowing the knitter to work on/off either end.

US 7 / 4.5 mm Double Pointed Needles currently available at Darn Yarn:

Brittany - Sustainably harvested birch needles made in CA. These needles are warm, lightweight, and a favorite of many knitters. 

Kollage - Metal DPNs made in Canada, these DPNs are square! Many find the square shape to be easier on their hands. The metal is smooth and slick, and the points are sharp.

Lykke - (pronounced "like") these are a customer favorite, made of birch, they're warm to the touch, nicely pointed, and smooth with out being slick.

SmartStix - Metal needles that are marked in 1" increments, these DPNs are fast and smooth with nice points.