US 10.75 / 7 mm DPN

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Double Pointed Needles, or DPNs, are used for knitting in the round, when working a small number of stitches, or as short single pointed needles. As the name implies, they are pointed on both ends, allowing the knitter to work on/off either end.

US 10.75 / 7 mm Double Pointed Needles currently available at Darn Yarn:

Brittany - Sustainably harvested birch needles made in CA. These needles are warm, lightweight, and a favorite of many knitters. 

Lykke - (pronounced "like") these are a customer favorite, made of birch, they're warm to the touch, nicely pointed, and smooth with out being slick.

SmartStix - Metal needles that are marked in 1" increments, these DPNs are fast and smooth with nice points.