Sarah's Getting Coffee (Knit)

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This is more of a formula than a pattern, but it was so much fun and turned out well, that I thought I should share it. You may use any yarn/needle.

It's a basic 5 sts repeat with a garter border that is 5 sts wide on each side (5 rows on top/bottom edges). It uses a simple cable that can be worked on the needles!

Downloaded pattern has no "frills" - since it's a basic formula, I opted to leave it printable at 1 page without photos or extra information. It's very basic, but I understand how often we prefer a downloadable copy for reference or to print and markup.

It was named for my cousin Sarah. She once made it into the newspaper on a cold and blustery Maine winter day. It was a photo of her heading out to get coffee. She was bundled up in a coat, bulky scarf, and a mini-skirt, bare handed, holding her coffee. Our Grandmother never let her forget that photo. So when her sister asked for a scarf Sarah as a gift, I thought naming it after her appropriate. ;)

Craft: Knit

Skill Level: Beginner +

Yarn: Any Weight! Yardage will vary.

Needles: Any - choose according to your yarn.

Published: 2019