Kollage Interchangeable NEEDLES

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Kollage Interchangeable Square Needle tips are available in two tip lengths - 3.5" and 5". Both sizes work with their cords.

Please note: cord lengths are measured tip to tip on the 3.5" needles, therefore the 5" tips will give you final cord lengths approx 3" longer than listed. (I hope that makes sense.)

These needles (cords, and accessories) are made in Canada by a company that provides support and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

We love these needles because they really are easier on our hands. However, like many tools, they aren't for everyone. Some knitters just can't get used to them. And that's ok! If you're able to visit the shop, we have some available for test knitting a few stitches/rows. 

Note: We don't show photos of every size 'cause really, they all look the same. ;)