Interchangeable Cords (DENISE)

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The Denise line of interchangeable needles and hooks are made in Virginia! The needles are made of a durable plastic resin and the cords are a phthalate free plant based plasticizer. This makes the needles "slick" like metal, but warm like wood. They are also airline friendly and great for travel.

The interlocking mechanism is unique to Denise. You "click and twist" to lock the cords in place. All of their parts are interchangeable, meaning the cords work with all their tips and crochet hooks.

Below are the cords we currently have available. Denise cords lengths are for the ACTUAL CORD! To determine the pair's length, add 9" if using their original tips, 8" if using their short tips, and 4.75" if using their crochet hooks. (For example, the 12" cord makes approx. a 20" cord.)

Please note:

~The 3" and 5" sets are for the colors listed, not the color in the photo.

~ The Companion Sets include 1 each of 5", 9", 12", 14", 16", 19" cords and 4 end buttons, and 2 extenders.

~The knook cord can be used with their crochet hooks for knooking.