Flexible DPNs

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What are flexible Double Pointed Needles? Fairly new to the knitting toolbox, these DPNs are a hybrid between traditional DPNs and Circular knitting needles. The tips are connected by a flexible cord, sometimes they're even interchangeable!

Alternately, some are using 9" circulars in the same way. We didn't include them here, you can find them under their own listing, because you need 3 of them. This means the sets/lines that sell and package them as flexible DPNs are often more economical.

This method of knitting in the round can take a bit of getting used to, but many are finding it comfortable and easy to learn. 

We carry the following lines:

Denise - these needles are made of a durable plastic resin and the cords are made from a phthalate free plant based plasticizer. This makes them "slick" like metal, but warm to the touch like wood.  They're also made in Virginia!