60"/150cm Cords

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Extra cords are handy to have in your set, or as a way to try out or build your perfect set of interchangeable needles (or hooks).

Please note: each line measures their cords differently. Keep this in mind if you are ordering for crochet hooks or have a brand that offers different length tips; order accordingly, and carefully! ;) Needles, hooks, and cords are not returnable.

Below are the 60" Interchangeable cords for the lines we carry.  Not all lengths are available for all the lines we carry.

  • Kollage cords are measured tip to tip on their original/5" tips. They offer their cords in Firm and Soft. Currently, we only carry Firm 60".
  • Lykke cords are measured tip to tip. The 60" is available for the original/5" tip length. 
  • SmartStix cords are measured tip to top and are color coded. The 60" cord is neon/lime green.