16" Cords

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Extra cords are handy to have in your set, or as a way to try out or build your perfect set of interchangeable needles (or hooks).

Please note: Each manufacture measures their cords differently. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering for crochet hooks or have a brand that offers different length tips. Please order accordingly, and carefully! ;) Needles, hooks, and cords are not returnable.

Below are the 16" Interchangeable cords for the lines we carry.  (Not all lines offer all the lengths.)

  • Denise cord lengths are the actual length of the cord. To determine the needle length, add 9" if using original tips, 8" if using short tips, and 4.75" if using crochet hooks.
  • Kollage cords are measured on the 5" tips but work on both tips; they are available in Firm and Soft. Currently we only carry the firm.
  • Lykke cord measurements are tip to tip, and sold by tip length. They only offers the 16" for short tips (3.5")