Interchangeable Needles and Hooks

Interchangeable knitting needles (and hooks) allow you to swap out the cord/length or needle when needed! This is handy when switching between needle sizes for ribbing or pattern designs or as your project gets larger or smaller.

The needles and cords are sold separately, or in sets. Sets have their own listings. 

Please note the brand/line and needle length when ordering-the number listed after the line is the tip length. (The final length will vary based on the needle length, so please plan and order accordingly.) 

  • Denise - Made in Virginia! The needles are a durable plastic resin that's smooth/"fast" and warm - sharing the best traits of both metal and wood. The cords are a phthalate-free plant based plasticizer. The use a unique "twist and click" connection and the cords work with all of their needles and hooks. 
  • Driftwood - Birch tips made by Lykke (pronounced "like") have a warm, solid, smooth feel. Available in 3.5", 5", and Long. Lykke needles use a screw connection. Comfortable to use, these needles have become a customer favorite.
  • Grove - Strong, durable, lightweight bamboo needles by Lykke. Available in 3.5" and 5". These use a screw connection.
  • Indigo - Driftwood birch needles dyed a soft denim blue. Available in 3.5" and 5".
  • Kollage Square - Made in Canada by a company that provides employment training and opportunities to those who are differently abled, these needles are made of lightweight metal. Their unique connection requires their tweezer tool, but it's worth it, the cords swivel! And yes, the needles are square.
  • SmartStix - A newer addition to the Knitter's Pride line of knitting needles, these are metal needles that have 1" increments marked on the needles and cords. They're lightweight and comfortable, and for those who like the "click, click" of knitting needles, these are a solid go-to.
  • Umber - Driftwood birch needles dyed a warmer brown. Available in 3.5" and 5".