DPN - Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Double Pointed Needles or DPNs are often used when knitting smaller items in-the-round; sleeves, baby items, hats, socks, etc. 

We carry a few different lines:

Brittany - Made in California of sustainably harvested Birch. Points are round, needles are smooth and warm. 

Denise - We put the "Flex" line in this category, they're flexible circulars with short cords that are used like DPNs. This brand is made in VA of a durable plastic resin  that's warm to the touch and smooth.

Karbonz - Carbon fiber needles from Knitter's Pride, currently we only carry these in the smaller diameter sizes because of those sock knitters among us who snap needles in half when knitting. ;) These needles are super strong and light.

Kollage - Metal DPNs made in Canada, these DPNs are square! Many find the square shape to be easier on their hands. The metal is smooth and slick, and the points are sharp.

Lykke - (pronounced "like") these are a customer favorite, made of birch, they're warm to the touch, nicely pointed, and smooth with out being slick.

Neko - These curved double pointed needles are made in Germany. Some find them easier to use than traditional straight DPNs.

SmartStix - Metal needles that are marked in 1" increments, these DPNs are fast and smooth with nice points. 

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