Crochet Hooks

We carry a few different lines of crochet hooks. Please see the chart below for the sizes offered for each line. We do our best to keep all the sizes available in stock, if the size you're looking for is out of stock, please give us a call, we can double check or place and order for you.

Brittany - Made in California from sustainably harvested birch. They have a beautifully turned handle and a round, inline, hook.

Lykke - Birch hooks made in India, these hooks have a conical tip and a straight shaft and handle. 

Knitter's Pride Soft Grip - These are metal hooks with an ergonomic rubber handle. 

Kollage - Made in Canada, these metal hooks have a pointed tip and an ergonomic wooden handle.

Twin Birch - Made in North Carolina, these hooks have a nicely pointed tip and a straight shaft. They're sizes are slightly different than the standards, see chart below.

Brittany Lykke




Twin Birch

A / 2mm




B / 2.25 mm




2.5 mm X X
C / 2.75mm X X
3 mm X X
D / 3.25 mm X X X X X (3.2mm)
E / 3.5 mm X X X X X (3.6mm)
F / 3.75 mm X X X X X (4mm)
G / 4 mm X X X X X (4.4mm)
7 / 4.5 mm X X X X
H / 5 mm X X X X X (4.8mm)
I / 5.5 mm X X X X X (5.6mm)
J / 6 mm X X X X X (6.4 mm)
K / 6.5 mm X X X X X (7.1 mm)
7 mm X X X see above
L / 8 mm X X X X X
M / 9 mm X X X X (8.8 mm)
N / 10 mm X X X (9.5 mm)
P / 11.5 mm X X (11.1 mm)
12 mm X
17 / 12.75 mm X Q (12.7 mm)