Circular Knitting Needles

Circular Knitting needles aren't just for knitting in a circle. They're also great for working projects with a large number of stitches. If you're always losing needles, circulars keep both needles of your pair together. The needle sections are also shorter, making it more difficult to bang the ends of your needles into the arm of the chair or the person/critter sitting next to you.

Many knitters now prefer circulars over straight/Single Point needles, usually for a combination of the reasons listed above. We carry the following brands, please note, not all brands offer all lengths/sizes:

  • Driftwood is a birch needle from Lykke (pronounced "like"). Wood is warm to the touch. These needles are slick, but not slippery, and have a nice point. Many Darn Yarnian's enjoy using the Driftwood line, they're a pleasure to work with.
  • Grove needles are made by Lykke. They're made of bamboo, which is lighter than wood, but durable.
  • Kollage Square are made of aluminum in Canada. They have sharper points. Being metal, they are on the slippery side. Yes, they really are square. Many find the square shape to be easier on their hands and helps create more uniform stitches and comfortable knitting.
  • Smartstix by Knitter's Pride are aluminum needles that are marked in 1" increments, making them handy for all sorts of knitting tasks. These are also color coded. They're a bit newer to the scene, but quickly becoming a favorite of many Darn Yarnians.