Social Media as Neglected Earmuffs

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So, I’ve been neglecting my earmuffs, so to speak... 

I’ve unintentionally avoiding blogging and much of the shop’s social media. I say unintentionally because I mean well, and I know I need to keep up with it, but I don’t. I get sidetracked. 


Gotta count the inventory. 

Need to order supplies for a possible virtual class. 

Where am I going to put a new yarn? 

I should add this yarn to the website. 

Bills are due. 

Shipments have gone missing. 

Have to figure out why zoom changed the schedule. 


I seem to be constantly on the computer yet spending less and less time on the fun parts.  

 And then of course, I don’t want to be on social media, personally, I mean. I am having a hard time dealing with all the vitriol and anger, even when most of my feed is positive. It’s not good for my own personal mental health and wellbeing; and that doesn’t make me want to participate in any manner, including professionally. But I know that this attitude only hurts my business. In this era of social media, it really is the best “word of mouth” out there.  

 It’s a classic double-edged sword. 

 Social media should, and does, help my business, but it also brings me down emotionally. And so, I keep forcing myself to do it, to post something fun and upbeat, knowing that the success of my business should help with my mental wellbeing too. Makes sense, if my business does well, or at least ok, certain stressors are less, and therefore, I am a bit better off as well. But really, when I look at my neglect, it is the shop the suffers most - I can feel the effects of my neglect. 

 It sounds strange, but I can tell my shop’s social media dry spells from the socially active timesWhen the shop is active on social media, you're engaged, there is a buzz about the products, everyone is excited about the new yarns, we are all inspired to make or try something new, and there is more foot-traffic. And that's why I need to “mind my earmuffs.” Like Neville Longbottom, in the Harry Potter books and movie, if I "neglect my earmuffs", the shop suffers a fainting spell.

I need to pay more attention and make social media more of a priority. I’ m not sure what that will look like, or if I’ll even be effective. It’s sort of like a New Year’s Resolution at this point – I mean it is January and I am trying to do something to improve myself and the shop. But we all know how New Year’s Resolutions go... 

So, for now, I guess, stay tuned and we will see what happens. 

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