New shelves, new season, new yarns.

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We've recently done some slight remodeling - nothing drastic, just switched up the shelving a bit. But that little change has made us rethink our organization, restack, and redo other parts of the shop. (Do those buttons really work best there? Do we still need a hat tree during warmer seasons? Where do the needles work best?) It also allowed us to showcase more of the warmer season yarns and make room for the yarns that arrived.

So, what's new, you ask?


Queensland Recycled Tweed - all the colors - finally arrived, as did new colors of their DK weight Dungarees and a new Dungarees line, Dungarees Paint. All three of these lines are made from recycled fibers!

We already carried Dungarees, so we refreshed this line with some new colors. This is a great cotton yarn, made from recycled denim, it's got 5% "other" fibers. Think spandex, nylon, polyester, or whatever gives our modern jeans that little bit of stretch we all appreciate. Five percent may not sound like much, but it's just enough to give what could be a stiff, hard you your hands yarn a nice amount of "give". It's a DK weight yarn, available in bright summery solid colors, and packaged as 3.52 oz/100g, 219 yard hanks. 

Dungarees Paint is a new Queensland line, like it's solid colored counterpart, it's spun from recycled jeans and has 5% "other". Unlike it's counterpart, it's speckled and SPORT weight. Each ball is 3.52 oz/100 g, 339 yards. 

Queensland's Recycled Tweed was expected when the weather was supposed to be seasonally cold, but it was worth the wait. This yarn is DK weight recycled wool, recycled polyester, and recycled acrylic yarn. It's machine washable, has a nice hand, and the colors are neutral(ish), tweedy (as you would expect), and earthy. Each cake is 3.52 oz/100 g, 382 yards.

We're working on getting all three of these on our website, but until then, you're also able to check them out when you stop in.

I know I'm not the only one looking or lighter projects as the seasons change, and if like me, you usually try to shy away from cotton, it might be time to check out Dungarees or any of the Kraemer yarns that blend cotton with other fibers (Saucon Sock, Belfast Linen, Tatamy and Tatamy Tweed). Again, that little bit of "other", helps cotton give a bit when you work with it.

Remember to choose your cotton projects carefully, even with that little bit of "other" cotton doesn't hold it's shape as well as wool. That's not necessarily a bad thing; if you think about it, we want most of our spring and summer items to drape, but it does affect things like ribbing, shaping, and sizing. Just keep that in mind if you're using any of these yarns for a pattern that was originally written for a wool or wool blend yarn. 



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