It's time to start thinking of gift giving!

Posted by Lisa Krack on

I know it feels early, and this year's been an unusual one for all of us, but it's October, and that means, it's time to start thinking of all those handmade gifts you'd like to make...

  • hats - big and bulky, sleek and neutral, "messy bun", color work Nordic designs
  • mittens and fingerless mitts of all sizes, shapes, and styles
  • shawls and wraps - crazy and bright, striped, neutral, light and airy, heavy and warm
  • scarves ,of all sizes, including giant ones that lean toward being a wrap
  • ponchos and sweaters
  • toys, bags, and housewares from dishcloths to plant hangers

You name it, someone likely makes a version as a gift. Because let's be honest, makers gonna make, and gift giving occasions are just an excuse for us to do just that.

We're doing our best to stock up on the supplies you'll need for all your gifting this coming season. Let's work together to bring a bit of cheer into the end of the strange, weird, year.

Photo is Basketweave Shawlette made with one Blossom by Wonderland Yarns.

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